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...and our earth will outshine the sun (preview / work in progress) - page 3


For the first time in all of history, we have direct access to the actual activity of the human subconscious.  Using concepts that were completely inconceivable only a few years ago, we’ve developed a cutting edge technology that’s likely to change the way that we (as a race) perceive the world around us from this time forward.  We’ll use the notions revealed to us through this subconscious activity to analyze and deal with BRAND-NEW, previously unrecognized ideas!  And by finally ‘seeing’ subconscious revelations, the way that we live our lives is sure to be altered drastically for the rest of time.  With the Eyeonasphere, we’ll expose concepts that have never even been considered (much less dealt with) by intellectual man before - and I believe that one of these days, these new concepts will help move our species forward.  Soon, we’ll gain access to higher levels of consciousness than we’ve ever known before – through the Eyeonasphere!  Our species is on the brink of reaching psychological maturity, and with these developments in technology our overall ‘quality of life’ will be improved at a truly unprecedented rate.  –I foresee the ‘reformation’ of human consciousness, and the EYEONASPHERE will make it all possible! 


Mental imagery makes all things possible.  Up to now, the only way to record mental imagery has been by ‘re-playing’ it through the various forms of media.  This is an ever-changing process that still fails to truly grasp the emotional meaning behind the ‘thoughts’ that arranged and recorded the information that is stored and retransmitted through these various media outlets to begin with.  But now, we can access these ‘recreations’ of human thought in an order that more closely represents the messages being expressed by the subconscious mind of the individual viewing the aforementioned ‘media’ (in the Eyeonasphere).  It is the automatic sorting and rearranging of literally thousands of billions of ‘mediawave’ signals that makes the broadcast of subconscious thought a reality - and I believe that we’ll find new ways to interpret these seemingly meaningless thought montages. When we do - it will completely reset the course of our species.


Using brain scanning technology, linked to a Digital Mediawave Detection Transmodifier which is connected to a 30,000 lumens high-definition video projection unit – it is now possible to actually download pre-existing media signals from the dense concentration of mediawave particles that have recently been discovered crowding the Earth’s atmosphere.  Using the information gathered from these invisible mediawave particles, we can actually display media montages that can be interpreted as a thorough representation of the neural activity of the human mind.  In simpler terms – we can now broadcast our thoughts.  Subconscious activity is going on within every mind, at all times – and now, we can use the power of the Eyeonasphere to monitor it.   

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