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man is connected to the heavens.

-  not only as a part of creation but as one who creates it.


while the transformation process can be set in motion by many means, it is only by man's will and his desire that it can be brought to fulfillment.  we see so much potential in the world that comes to nothing.  it is up to man to bring his potential into reality and for this, discipline is essential.


the monkey doesn't know this.

he's the wind, he blows out fire.  but the wind blows up smoke, which gets in sun's eyes and makes them turn red.


the pilgrim recruits have sinned against the heavens.  

she promises salvation.


she has to control the monkey.

the gods give her a vice to put on his head.

if he resists, the pilgrim is to recite the spell.

When this is done, the monkey's eyes swell and his head aches so excruciatingly that he feels as if his btains were bursting.


-  the monkey is happy to embrace the pilgrim's faith - if only to avoid the tightening of the vice.

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