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Kirby Surprize, Synchronicity:

Science doesn't know what's going on here.  Something is happening.  Either part of us exists beyond the limits of time and space, or time and space are being changed by some part of us.


Carl Jung created the word synchronicity to describe what he called an 'acausal connecting principle'.  At an early age, he noticed that some events were tied together in mysterious ways to form incredible coincidences.  These events often seemed to carry meanings and follow patterns.  It is common in older cultures to look for signs in the event around them to predict the future, or to use for decision-making.  Jung realized that these synchronistic events were more than superstitious beliefs or misinterpreting reality.  The coincidences were objectively real, and connected with the observer.  




Synchronicity refers to those random yet seemingly meaningful coincidences that enrich our lives, sometimes to our amazement, sometimes to our distress, and sometimes to our delight.  At such times, it seems that the Cosmos has orchestrated this or that event just for our own private viewing.  In that moment, we seem irrevocably embraced by a Universe much larger than ourselves.  Whether this synchronistic event is trivial or profound, it is in this instant, personal, enigmatically meaningful, and Cosmic.

Perhaps it is not surprising that people have been searching for the deeper meaning of their relationship to the world around them since the beginning of time. 

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