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Kirby Surprize, Synchronicity:

Your mind does much more than match patterns and assign meaning.  It looks for the way patterns behave over time.  Your mind plans and imagines what it wants to find in the future, decides what patterns it wants to look for.  It looks for patterns that allow it to predict future events.  The ancestral hunter would have studied the pattern of the seasons.  He would know the know the patterns of migration the other animals used thoughout the year.  This allowed hime to predict where game would be during what season, or time of day.  He'd learn their patterns of escape and evasion, then predict what pattern would most likely end in success.  There are some problems inherent is assigning meanings to patterns of events.  We are always working with incomplete information.  In the mental shorthand we experience:  much is deleted or lost in translation.  Much is added from memory to make up for information that is unavailable.  Many of our experiences are ignored because they are too cumbersome to process.   [] We rarely understand the ultimate causes of the events we are trying to out-guess.  Philosophy is a luxury if you're hungry.


Synchronicity is messy.

There are reasons we are sheilded from the unconscious.  We have defenses that keep us from being overwhelmed.  

Grandiosity is often a defense against the anxiety of helplessness and inferiority.




Simply put, the metaphorical wall is nothing more than it's physical counterpart:  a collection of bricks seperating us from something else.  In the case of the Wall, that 'something else' is life itself.

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