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Gene Youngblood, Expanded Cinema

Pg. 128

Just as the individual's unique identity is smothered by a social system that prohibits education by experiment and restricts creative living, so society itself as one organism suffers from the effects of unilateral mass education inherent in the present public communications network. Future historians would have a grossly inaccurate picture of today's culture if they were to judge our social meanings and values by the content of the so-called popular media. 


When the proliferation of technology reaches a certain level of saturation in the environment, we cease to be separate from it. Communications technologies shape and record the objective and subjective realities of Everyman. The intermedia network becomes metabolically and homeostatically interfaced with each human being. To unplug any one of the advanced nations from the global telephone network, for example, would be a more extreme deterrent than any bomb; and the global television linkages soon will become equally as vital. 




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