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Gene Youngblood, Expanded Cinema


Pg. 138:

We are entering a transfinite realm of physical and metaphysical mysteries that have nothing to do with fiction. It is now recognized that science has come closer to whatever God may be than has the church in all its tormented history. Science continually discovers and reaffirms the existence of what Fuller calls "an a priori metaphysical intelligence omni-operative in the Universe." Scientists find that a vast omni-present intellect pervades every atom of the universe, governing the structure and behavior of all physical phenomena. Yet this intelligence itself, which we identify as "the laws of nature," is purely metaphysical and is totally unpredicted by the behaviors of any of the physical parts. Einstein's E=mc 2 is science's most comprehensive formulation of that intelligence. As J. B. S. Haldane once said, "The universe is not only stranger than we imagine; it is stranger than we can imagine."


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