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So long as we confine in our consciousness to the atom, and look on life only from this earthly standpoint, we can never understand what is happening in the world.  But if we will raise our consciousness to the point of view of the soul, the thread of which the bodily life is only a minute part and a temporary expression, we shall then see that there is a splendid simplicity at the back of all the complexity, a unity behind all the diversity.  The complexity and the diversity are illusions produced by our limitations;  the simplicity and the unity are real.


The camera pans down to show young kids gathering bricks and other wreckage into baskets and toy dumptrucks.  While some argue that the kids are merely continuing where the previous generation left off, symbolically gathering bricks for their own psychological walls, others take away an overall optimism from the scene.  As the children gather the debris, one child recoils in disgust at the smell of a molotov cocktail, and pours the petrol from the bottle.    


Oz is a mandala.

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