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we must defend ourselves from the instinctual part of our being so that while it is allowed freedom, it's not allowed to take over and control us.


there is a chinese legend that when p'an ku who chiseled the universe died his flesh became the earth.  through the long evolutionary process man has come to depend more and more upon his brain and less and less upon his instincts, or his body.


shoot the tiger.  the sacrifice and the sacrificed are one.  the instinctual and natural part has been sacrificed in order to bring about a complete union with the self. 


the lotus flower doesn't lie on the surface of the water but rises up out of it.  

-  it is a thing that emerges from the depths of the unconscious and unfolds.  

-  it's a symbol of completion or mystical union.  

-  it is the conscious combined with the unconscious.  

-  it is man combined with God.

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