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Maybe someday we'll discover something that reveals the code beneath it all.  

-If we could recognize and understand the underlying complex systems that govern all of reality, then maybe we could play more of a part in manifesting a better state of existence for everyone living on this planet.


Here are more notes from my notepad - I don't know where they came from, but they fit in with what I'm trying to express:


We encode our reality - making meaning from the meaningless, much like a spy would create a secret language - using symbols and arrangements - spacing and time - to portray what they are saying to themselves, and others who know the code.

The magic is in manipulating the code.

When one with knowledge assigns meaning to cross-experiences we get 'synchronicity'.

The code is observed.

Most people don't recognize the coding, though.

While some make it up for themselves...


Some of the details seem lost in translation...


Reality is a code - we make it by interpreting it - then we use these interpretations as influences for future programs.

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