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For the first time in history, mankind can fully control his environment using only his MIND.


By ‘plugging in’ to the Eyeonasphere, you totally submerge yourself in the projection that is coming forth straight from your subconscious mind.  The abstract images broadcast by the projector seem to be encoded with ‘meaning’.  Much like the messages portrayed by dreams, the information is ‘encoded’ as symbolic imagery (a.k.a. - ‘Eyeonaspheric Randomization’) – but it seems that we are on the verge of cracking that code.  We’ll use this information to break down communication barriers that have prevented the advancement of human society forever – and it’s going to CHANGE THE WORLD!  Things will never be the same again…


The Eyeonasphere enables its user to actually extract preexisting media-signals from tiny molecules that saturate our Earth’s atmosphere.  These molecules are known as ‘mediawaves’, and each one contains the digital information necessary to recreate and broadcast a digital representation of ANY AND EVERY electronically transmitted signal that has ever been produced and recorded since the very beginning of electronic amplification.  ‘Mediawaves’ carry (simply put) enough information to digitally recreate every Internet signal, every satellite signal, every television signal, and every radio signal – EVER BROADCAST, SINCE THE BEGINNING OF TIME!

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