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  check out ’BIOLOGY OF BELIEF’ by bruce lipton (2005)


 it's a book...

good stuff.


--- Hundreds upon hundreds of scientific studies over the last fifty years have consistently revealed that "invisible forces" of the electromagnetic spectrum profoundly impact every facet of biological regulation. These energies include microwaves, radio frequencies, the visible light spectrum, extremely low frequencies, acoustic frequencies, and even a newly recognized form of force known as 'scaler' energy. Specific frequencies and patterns of electromagnetic radiation regulate DNA, RNA, and protein syntheses, alter protein shape and function, and control gene regulation, cell division, cell differentation, morphogenisis (the process by which cells assemble into organs and tissues), hormone secretion, nerve growth and function. Each one of these cellular activities is a fundamental behavior that contributes to the unfolding of life.

 Though these research studies have been published in some of the most respected mainstream biomedical journals, their revolutionary findings have not been incorporated into the medical school curriculum. [Liboff 2004; Goodman and Blank 2002; Sivitz 2000; Jin, et al, 2000; Blackman, et al, 1993; Rosen 1992, Blank 1992; Tsung 1998; Yen - Patton, et al, 1998]


--- there CANNOT be exceptions to a theory; exceptions simply mean that a theory is not fully correct.


--- In higher, more aware life forms, the brain developed a specialization that enabled the whole community to tune into the status of its regulatory signals. The evolution of the limbic system provided a unique mechanism that converted the chemical communication signals into sensations that could be experienced by all of the cells in the community. Our conscious mind experiences these signals as emotions. The conscious mind not only "reads" the flow of the cellular coordinating signals that comprise the body's "mind", it can also generate emotions which are manifest through the controlled release of regulatory signals by the nervous system.


--- Our responses to environmental stimuli are controlled by the perceptions, but not all of our learned perceptions are accurate. Not ALL 'snakes' are dangerous! Yes, perception 'controls' biology, but as we've seen, these perceptions can be true or false. Therefore, we would be more accurate to refer to these controlling perceptions as BELIEFS.



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