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if the will is concentrated the vital force will follow it and become concentrated.  for instance, here is a case of a man falling or running.  it is a vital force that is active, and yet it causes his mind to be active, too.  he describes here 2 doors.  the will (mind) can open the way to integration with the vital forces within us.



by his very nature, the monkey was impressively naughty.  

he just couldn't help it.

he gobbled up the longevity pills, he gatecrashed the emperor's parties, he made insulting gestures to all.


when he left heaven he was disgusted, saying it wasn't good enough for him.


the ruler of heaven tried to subdue the monkey by force - but sun was indestructable.


so the ruler called the Buddha.  


Lao Tzu throws a magic snare from heaven which hits the monkey in the head.  the magician and his brothers then tied sun up.



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