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We need the illusion of ‘personal responsibility’ in order to truly feel free.


The metaphysical effects of the drug LADA seem to affirm the presumption that technology and human innovation are revealing new, previously unheard of concepts to all of mankind.  The drugs ability to give a person control of outward reality (using nothing more than their ‘thoughts and mental imagery’) is truly astounding!  Tests have shown that a person under the influence of LADA can achieve mental states akin to those considered to be more ‘spiritually’ aware (Buddhist monks, faith healers, animal charmers, etc.) - which would seem to serve as evidence that there really IS more going on than we are aware of.  The spirit of man seems to be going through a ‘reformation’.  Developments such as the discoveries of LADA and the Eyeonasphere are just the beginning.  We’re on the cusp of a whole new age!  


Digital technology puts us in direct contact with virtually ANY INFORMATION – ANY TIME.  By incorporating satellite and web technology with that of the Eyeonasphere, we’ll open new doorways that nobody even knew existed before now!

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