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"How can you be so closed-minded?", he asked, "Why do you have to deny the fact that things

seem so organized?

When you look at the nature of things - evolution, consciousness, being...

How can you deny it?

People pray for the answers to their problems and make miracles happen...

They believe in their fortunes, told by tarot cards and horoscopes - and they make them come


"I don't know about all that..." Ben replied, " Sometimes maybe people believe that they see

angels or that they talk to God, but usually those people are a little crazy.

Schizophrenic style...

They believe in things that aren't really real.

They convince themselves that things are one way when the truth is - they're actually another...

And if you ask me, it's dangerous.

I think that perspective leads to the state of mind where people justify killing one-another in the

name of 'God'."

"Man, I'm not talking about that kind of faith." Nolan interrupted, "I'm talking about something


All I'm saying is that if Nature can evolve an insect to EXACTLY resemble the plant that it

inhabits - then there is organization to the structure of reality.

It isn't just random...

And if that kind of organization exists then there's nothing saying that human beings are above

that natural system of order is all.

I think some people put those concepts to use by 'convincing' themselves that things are one

way or another to actually MAKE the universe what it becomes...

If a person can really BELIEVE that God will miraculously heal their cancer then their mind can

actually create a Universe for them where God actually DOES miraculously intervene...

It happens all the time."

"But look at all the praying people in the world who are proven WRONG when their prayers

aren't answered though!" Ben said, "For all the miracle healings and faith cures that the world

has to offer there are hundreds more tragic accidents and horrifying deaths. People prey for

each other - and THEMSELVES - all the time, and life's still just life...

You take what your given."

"Not me." Nolan said.

"I control my own destiny.

I 'believe' things are the way they are, and that's how they are.

Actually, to me - you're the same way - we all are...

You believe your house could burn down and leave you homeless - so it could.

But not mine."

Ben smirked the most unbelieving, skeptical response he could possibly conjure up...

"Closed-minded?" he said, "How could you be so gullible?"

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