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we subconsciously direct the ‘flow’ of information broadcast in the Eyeonasphere.  Subconsciously, the viewer controls everything he sees, hears, and senses (while inside of the helmet).  This is the first of such grand technological innovations - and through it, we’ll more than likely find all-new ways to consider the reality that we exist as a part of.  Our world is changing fast, and the Eyeonasphere is showing us the way…     

The power that is held within a single ‘mediawave’ is comparable to the punch packed in an atom.  Only rather than devastate and destroy the population of the planet, ‘mediawaves’ have the potential to enlighten us, making our lives better than they’ve ever been before!  By peering into the molecular world of the ‘mediawave’, we are witnessing something even MORE powerful than the destructive qualities of the atom – but it will take mankind a long time to commonly recognize it.  Rather than wiping out and destroying us, ‘mediawaves’ have the potential to open up our minds to new and unexplored frontiers, and through this ‘enlightenment’ we will gain the insight that it takes to build an entirely different Universe!  Mankind will use the Eyeonasphere to open up new ‘psychological pathways’ that would have been completely un-comprehendible to even the most recent of our ancestors here on the planet Earth.  I believe that at the end of these ‘psychological pathways’, we’ll find treasures that have remained invisible to man since the very beginning of time.  ‘Mediawaves’ give us HOPE, and with the type of hope we’ll receive – ANYTHING WILL BE POSSIBLE! 


Nature develops technologies to move mankind forward.  Though harsh realities such as global warming and the damages caused by radioactive materials and pollution may seem to implicate a ‘negative’ reaction from the environment of reality – I believe that everything is interconnected, therefore there is no negative. Oftentimes such environmental agony is necessary in order for our world to truly progress.  Nothing happens without reason, and there are many discoveries yet to come.  


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