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the monkey reaches illumination.

he masters transformation and learns to ride the clouds...

he can become invisible....

he can penetrate bronze and steel...

water cannot drown him anymore, and fire cannot burn him.


if you saw someone else turn into a tree, wouldn't you want to know how it was done?  if others saw you doing it, aren't they certain to ask for your explanation?

if you refuse to tell them how, you're likely to be roughly handled.  


the sage knows this, so he banished the monkey from his space for lacking self-control.


but the monkey was still able to project his soul, change his shape, and perform all kinds of miracles.


the monkey returns to his waterfall to find that a demon is tormenting his brothers...  so he turned himself into a thousand monkeys and swarmed the monster himself.

he reforms his kingdom and teaches the others about warfare, and how to build good weapons for protection.


the sage gives the monkey the title, "AWARE-OF-VACUITY"

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