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Anybody can operate the Eyeonasphere.  With absolutely no training or technical know-how, a person can ‘manifest’ an actual audio/video presentation.  All that’s required is natural human ‘thought’.  The function of the machine is dictated by the neural activity that the brain and nervous system produces through a process of ‘autonomous disposition’ heretofore completely unrecognized by the scientific community.  Using the natural ‘flow’ of the subconscious mind – the Eyeonasphere generates a montage-like video sequence of sampled images and sounds.  Due to the seemingly random current of this ‘mental’ imagery, the content of these ‘thought-broadcasts’ is generally somewhat enigmatic, confusing, and almost nonsensical.  But like all good art, the productions brought forth through the Eyeonasphere are completely open for viewer-interpretation.  The broadcast transmission of the subconscious imagination will change the way things are – and it’s made possible using the Eyeonasphere.


The Eyeonasphere puts you in the environment, and your subconscious imagination makes up what you EXPERIENCE!  A digital analysis of your neural activity is provided through electrodes attached to your index finger and left temple.  The information is then analyzed using a complex system of newly developed (highly experimental) Computed Axial Tomography technology mixed with magnetic resonance and electroencephalogram readings that provide a semi-accurate evaluation of the activity of the brain-cells and Meleculoids that we recognize a ‘subconscious human thought’.  The ever-changing, never stagnant flow of information received from the subconscious is then transliterated using a ‘mediawave translator’, and the data is transmodified to create a spectral display of the thought patterns and sequences - as they’re received.  This spectral analysis is (simply put) an aural/visual representation of the activity of the subconscious mind.  -These developments represent the drastic changes in the way that humans interact with the outside world (as observed through the 5 senses).  The implications are truly staggering.  In the Eyeonasphere, we create the reality that we exist as a part of - pure and simple.  And with these realizations, we are one step closer to realizing how it is that our minds make it possible for us to create the reality experienced outside of the Eyeonasphere helmet as well.  As soon as the rest of the world has access to these amazing machines – we’ll witness a monumental development in the mental telepathy of our race, made possible through the transmission of thought!  Imagine thought transmission over the World Wide Web – enabling man to actually submerge himself in the thought patterns of people all over the world, and in all various states of existence!  This is a revolution of communication and psychology that characterizes the evolution of our species, and it will be spurred by the revelations of this new invention - THE EYEONASPHERE!      


The Eyeonasphere was put here by nature to alter the evolutionary course of mankind.  People tend to separate technology from God, but through the omnipresence of collective consciousness – it’s all connected.  One, and the same…

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