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It is necessary that we should constantly pull ourselves up and examine the reasons for the opinions we hold.  It is so fatally easy to go with the current and accept other men's ready-made thoughts, instead of thinking for ourselves.  "Almost everyone does this, so why should not I?"


If we think on all points as it thinks, and act in all ways as it acts, in what way have we raised ourselves above it, and how can we be drawing nearer to our goal.


Cyclones represent those unpleasant events in our lives that move us to higher places.  This represents Debrowsky's (1964) theory of positive disintegration,which states that advanced development requires a breakdown of existing psychological structures in order to form higher, more evolved stuctures.   Inner conflict, neurosis, guilt, depression, adverse conditions, or unpleasant life events can, through assimilation, lead us to higher levels of moral or ethical behavior.  Growth requires the old psychological or spiritual structures give way to new ones.  New wine cannot be put in old wineskin.  The disintegration process can result in inner tensionas a sign of growth in a healthy individual.  

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