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Synch as a Sense


In the book "Bullet Proof . . . I Wish I Was - The Lighting and Stage Design of Andi Watson" the cut-up method of activating and observing synchronicity in art is revealed as a part of a modern day artist (Thom Yorke of Radiohead).


In the book it says:

Thom Yorke has often used the famous Dada cut-up writing technique associated with poet Tristan Tzara in which a text (or multiple texts) is cut up into smaller portions at random and rearranged to create new text.  Most commonly, cut-ups are used to offer a non-linear alternative to traditional reading and writing.  Dada's influence has been deep and lasting.  Dada is the groundwork to abstract art and sound poetry, a starting point for performance art, a prelude to postmodernism, and influence on Pop Art, a celebration of anti-art to be later embraced for anarcho-political uses in the 1960's and the movement that lay the foundation for Surrealism."


Now, lets consider this 'cut-up' method as it pertains to the physical world that we live in.

Atoms and molecules show us 'order' in nature...  The particles and waves that make-up our reality are random, and yet what it all becomes, through our experience of it - almost 'miraculously' organized.


ex:  Nuclear Physics Explained In Simple Terms


Man has studied it, pondered it, and considered it's many implications...

We use it to create and destroy.

From the properties that make up the tiny, little atom - our entire planet could be destroyed.


Atomic science - like many of the principles of transportation, electricity, industrialization, and healthcare - are general concepts that have been around since the beginning of time.  

But we couldn't use these concepts to their true potential until they became apparent to us...

-  And we couldn't see it these principles until they were at least somewhat understood.


Now, we understand DNA.  

Now, we understand many things about our realities that were completely beyond our perception only 100 years ago.

-  Now, there are still many principles to be discovered...


It doesn't seem like we will ever actually know it 'all'...


Over time, our new understanding will show us senses that have been uncharted by man up to now, because we didn't have the 'means' of perceiving them.


Telecommunications have changed the way we live.  

So have the many developments in transportation...

The media is showing us a whole new way to 'experience' the world that we're a part of.


Doubtless, there are still many things that nobody on the planet truly understand.


Through synchronicity - synchronicity is being revealed...


We'll have new ideas.  We'll create a new reality.


I have no idea where the following exerpt came from - I found it in a pile of notes I'd gathered in a folder that's kept on my desk:


Living systems are always open systems, always exchanging matter and energy with the outside environment (the open system known as a human being, for example, is always taking energy from the outside, in the form of food, light, oxygen, information; and is always sending energy back into the environment in the form of carbon dioxide, waste, heat, art, and other excretions).

Periods of instability, perturbation, upheaval, collapse, and chaos are not to be seen as absolute evils but instead as absolute necessities, as phases through which every structure must pass in order to evolve to higher levels of complexity.

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