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Gene Youngblood, Expanded Cinema

Pg. 180

The computer does not make man obsolete. It makes him fail-safe. The computer does not replace man. It liberates him from specialization. The transition from a culture that considers leisure a "problem" to a culture that demands leisure as a prerequisite of civilized behavior is a metamorphosis of the first magnitude. And it has begun. The computer is the arbiter of radical evolution: it changes the meaning of life. It makes us children. We must learn how to live all over again. 


Fuller: "We speak erroneously of 'artificial' materials, 'synthetics' and so on. The basis for this erroneous terminology is the notion that nature has certain things which we call natural, and everything else is 'manmade,' ergo artificial. But what one learns in chemistry is that nature wrote all the rules of structuring; man does not invent chemical structuring rules; he only discovers the rules. All the chemist can do is to find out what nature permits, and any substances that are thus developed or discovered are inherently natural."

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