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Media emphasizes the harsher points of reality – and this affects the lives that our subconscious mind MANIFESTS. 


The world around us (everything we perceive and experience) is an outward manifestation of the things that we think.  The Eyeonasphere will teach us better ways to think - and in turn, we’ll learn better ways to LIVE!


There are many factors in the environment around us that help to ‘guide’ the course of our existence.  Besides the unobservable subconscious cues, or the more obvious factors (such as media and the stories passed down from generation to generation), there are many more subtle, infinitely intelligent forces that can dictate the directions of our every experience.  -Using such forces, the subconscious mind of the individual is able to communicate the wants and needs of the collective self-conscious from one generation to the next.  So (in other words) - culture, technology and all of the other dynamics of our universe are being used subconsciously to evolve the heart and mind of all of mankind.

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