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If our species is ever expected to improve our methods of ‘creating reality’ - we’ll need to come up with better ways of ‘perceiving’ our current situation.  As long as we continue to see things the way we see them now, they will continue to be exactly as they have been forever.  The Eyeonasphere will give us new ways to ‘look at’ reality, and our world will form new and improved attributes - which will then be passed down to the generations of the future.

Thought transmission will change the world.  Using the Eyeonasphere, a person can actually share the subconscious activity of their inner mind with outside observers.  It enables us to watch our dreams.  And in the long run, we’ll use it to gain full control over all of reality.  One day, Eyeonasphere technology will enable us to do anything we want to do.

Using the Eyeonasphere, man will become one with technology.  It makes the imaginary real, thus enabling a person to actually ‘conjure’ up their surroundings using only the power of their MIND.  This melding of mind and machine will give us a whole new paradigm from which to look at the world around us.  We’ll learn what it takes to manifest a different state-of-reality.  This technology will lead us into a ‘new age’!  The mind of man will advance far beyond its current condition. -Through the Eyeonasphere, mankind will reach a new level of enlightenment. 


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