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The Eyeonasphere uses the latest discoveries in ‘mediawave’ technology to carry the fields of virtual reality and artificial intelligence to new and unparalleled heights.  The simulated environment of the Eyeonasphere is the first of it’s kind throughout all of history.  In it, the audio/visual patterns and sequences aren’t programmed or encoded into the system by an actual computer programmer (in the conventional sense of the term). In the Eyeonasphere, the sounds and visuals are transliterated directly from the mental activity of the observer!  The light that is projected onto the face of the helmet is essentially regenerated mental imagery - manifested directly from the subconscious mind of the person connected to the Eyeonasphere’s EEG and CAT scan units.  The resulting video signal is a DNA generated representation of the ‘inner-world’ of the subconscious mind.  In time, this device could be used to change the heart of all of mankind.


The subconscious mental imagery that we transmit through the Eyeonasphere gives us brand new ways to analyze the behavior of our species.  Now, for the first time in history we’ll see the root causes that influence us to do the things we do, and live the lives we live.  This new technological discovery could potentially teach us more about our instincts and dreams than we’ve ever known before.  We’ll establish new ways of ‘becoming’, and therefore our lives will be better.  Mankind will use the Eyeonasphere to enhance the ‘quality of life’ for all future generations!



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