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He saw the Eyonasphere working.


That monkey, it's a trickster...


He saw a man, with a tiger on a leash.


He couldn't tell where the video was coming from.  Was this image in his subconscious?  The screen was shimmering.




The tiger made him think of dying...  Death surrounded his head.  




He wanted to live forever.  The thought appeared before him....

We won't grow old forever.  We won't always die.

Man is the one that wills.  He is capable of directing his destiny.  Mankind must develop and utilize that strength.  Nolan must tame the tiger.

These symbols were causing him way too much confusion.  He focused.  Concentration.  Then there it was before - directly in line with his thoughts.  Pink.  He thought pink, he saw pink.  The color pink, all around his head.  Focus.  Pink.  Then black.  Then red.  Then yellow.  Then back to pink.  In perfect synch.  He saw pink...




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