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Gene Youngblood, Expanded Cinema

Pg. 136

What we "know" conceptually has far outstripped what we experience empirically. We are finally beginning to accept the fact that our senses allow us to perceive only one-millionth of what we know to be reality—the electromagnetic spectrum. Ninety-nine percent of all vital forces affecting our life is invisible. Most of the fundamental rates of change can't be apprehended sensorially. Fuller: "Better than ninety-nine percent of modern technology occurs in the realm of physical phenomena that are sub or ultra to the range of human visibility. We can see the telephone wires but not the conversations taking place. We can see the varieties of metal parts of airplanes but there is nothing to tell us how relatively strong these metals are in comparison to other metals. None of these varieties can be told from the others by the human senses, not even by metallurgists when unaided by instruments. The differences are invisible. Yet world society has throughout its millions of years on earth made its judgments on visible, tangible, sensorially demonstrable criteria."

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