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Gene Youngblood, Expanded Cinema - 


We have shots A, B. and C. First we see A, then B is superimposed over it to produce AB. Then A fades as C fades in. There's a brief transitional period in which we're seeing ABC simultaneously, and finally we're looking only at BC. But no sooner has this evolved than B begins to fade as D appears, and so on. This is a physical, structural equivalent of the Hopi "present manifested" and "present manifesting" space-time continuum. It's the only style of cinema that directly corresponds to the theory of general relativity, a concept that has completely transformed all aspects of contemporary existence except traditional Hollywood cinema. The effects of metamorphosis described above become more apparent if shots A, B. and C happen to be of the same image but from slightly different perspectives, or with varied inflections of tone and color. It is through this process that a synaesthetic film becomes, in effect, one image constantly manifesting. 


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