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In order to broadcast human thought, it is necessary to separate and interpret subatomic ‘mediawaves’ from the surrounding atmosphere.  This process is known as ‘M-Wave Extraction’, and the devise that makes it possible is an ‘M-Wave Extractor’.  By running the digital signal produced by the ‘M-Wave Extractor’ directly into a digital video projection unit – it’s possible to derive a true video signal directly from the environment.  So, by attaching a CAT scan to the person in the Eyeonasphere helmet, we are able to translate these mediawaves and rebroadcast them in a sequence that actually FOLLOWS the thoughts of that person.  The actual ‘Eyeonasphere’ unit is mainly a means of bringing about TRUE SUBCONSCIOUS THOUGHT PATTERNS by completely emerging the subject in their own ‘subconscious’ environment – which blends ‘mind and media’ in a way that has never experienced by man before!


We are evolving physically AS WELL as psychologically.  We learn new concepts as we progress, and we put those concepts to use in the inventions we come up with.  As our minds evolve, so do our inventions.  And as we innovate - our minds ‘change’, passing on new genetic information to future generations - which will be used to create the worlds that THEY are a part of.  Through global evolution, Nature reveals NEWER, BETTER concepts, which in turn we use in the development of our technology.  The Eyeonasphere was revealed by Nature in order to CHANGE the heart of man.



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