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Nolan Void saw everything on this planet, natural

OR synthetic, as a part of the same all-encompassing system - ALL necessary, for the rest of the

system to stay intact and regular.

So to Nolan, it's impossible for technological progression to overstep the boundaries that are put

in place by Nature...

To him - overpopulation is not a problem, it's a completely natural part of the evolutionary

progress of our planet.

The same goes for extermination of certain species (the whales, the bald eagles, etc), global

warming, deforestation, and all of the other aspects of modern reality that cause so many people

so much stress...

-To Nolan, there is no reason to fight it - because if it's supposed to happen it will and if it isn't

supposed to happen then it won't...

Technological progress is no exception.

To Nolan Void:

-Like the ocean's deepest depths, technology started off uncharted - and has since been learned

and explored by the minds of civilized man...

-Like the miracle of childbirth, technological advancement is a truly NATURAL phenomenon,

from which all of civilization is built...

-And like the intricate patterns in a diamond, every single technological innovation is beautifully

sculpted (though by the hands of man) by the WILL OF GOD, to enhance the landscapes of our

mental perception...


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