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Then slowly, the giant stairway transforms into a giant sunflower...

Still, the shot is at the base - looking up...



"Things are different, now."

"Everything is getting better."

Then, there's a giant farmer - seen from the perspective of a little ant looking up.

In slow motion he steps up, wraps his gloved hands around the base of the huge flower, and

pulls it up by the roots - creating a shower of dirt and soil...

"Reap what you've sewn."

Dirt falls from the sky like a rainshower...

"No more sickness."

"No more sorrow."

"No more failure."

"No more fear."

"No more paranoia."

"No more negativity."

"Thoughts are reality."

"Change your reality."

"Change your thoughts."

Then, blackness...

And as the screen slowly fades from black to bright white - the speakers say, "We're out of the


The Eyeonasphere radiates white light...

"Now, we know better.

The world is light and life...

Darkness is only illusion...

We control our own destiny."

"We are the light."

Then, gradually, the screen begins to flicker and pulsate.

It turns from white to blue - and blinks off and on like a strobelight...

"Think the pain away."

"Put an end to all the hardships and tribulations."

"Everything that IS is what it's SUPPOSED TO BE."

"We have advanced to a new plateau."

"We're moving ahead.'

'We're entering a new existence."

Then, the strobe mutates into a psychedelic pattern - fractals, colors, and patterns flash and

flicker around the face of the helmet.

"We have everything we'll ever need."

"We have everything we'll ever want."

"We know the NEW logic."


"Usher in the new times..."

"Order. In perfect harmony..."

"It's progress."

"It's perfection."

The blinking gets faster and faster, gradually going so fast that it becomes constant - then again,

white light...

"Be immortal."

"Be free."



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