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The Eyeonasphere

Tripping Daisy - Stubbs Austin, 1998

Tripping Daisy - 16mm mix

Stella is a Planet, 1999

DJ SWAMP - Diamond Bar, '06

People spend so much time focusing on the 'tangeable' - but we seem to not realize the vast importance of the 'intangeable' and its role in our happiness and the well being of our race.  Perspective is 'intangeable'...  -  Without 'piece (peace) of mind, we're going nowhere.  Personal values can be as important in setting our standards as any material possessions we may acquire.  External validations (the type of car you drive, where you live, the type of attention one may receive by wearing the right clothes, jewelry, and hairstyle) are distracting.  Sometimes we are so focused on the outside world that we neglect what's most important - the real 'you' and your sustained happiness...  The real 'you' is the 'you' that has a good or bad life based on the attitudes you express.  The  real 'you' can effect the lives of those around you simply by being the person you are.  It's important to direct your attention in the right ways...  The right ideas and values can make the intangeable become tangeable.  Now and then, we have to check our perspective.  The whole of existence is exactly what we make of it - no more, no less.





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