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By the time Nolan reached his early 20's, he already felt worn down.


While the near-death experience cleared his mind by cleaning him up, he remained mentally exhausted and depressed.


But it's said, "When there is great need, the cure can be easy to effect.".



"Where're you trying to get?", the old man said, "You know, this very street we're sitting on goes anywhere you're trying to get to.  You've just got to know which direction to take to get there."

When you encounter difficulties, call upon the Earth - your problems will be solved.

Through intuition, you may experience results.

The road to one's self is the longest and most difficult.  Questions must be lived before there can be any answers.  But youth is impatient and so we see the coin flip from the rational to the irrational.

Learn the lesson first, then ask the questions.

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