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We have studied certain things; so far as we have gone we know them to be true, and we are willing to explain them; if people are not yet prepared to except them, that is exclusively their affair, and we wish them godspeed in whatever line of investigation they wish to take.  Argument leads constantly to heated feelings and to a sense of hostility -- both things by all means to be avoided.  when it is necessary to discuss any subject in all its bearings, in order to decide upon a course of action, let it be done always gently and temperately, and let each man state his own case kindly and deliberately, and let each man state his own case kindly and deliberately, and listen with all politeness.


... drive the dark skies away / So will you please say hello / To the folks that I know / Tell them I won't be long.  /  They'll be happy to know / That as you saw me go / I was singing this song / We'll meet again / Don't know where / Don't know when / But I know we'll meet again some sunny day.


When a ship is first built she is not conscious of herself as a unit, but is a mere aggregation of a number of seperate sentiences.  But the whole fabric does become in time a unit of consciousness or awareness - being to a certain extent aware of itself as a whole - however dim and vague its percipience way be compared with our own.


In questioning whether anybody is out there, Pink begins to realize the expansiveness of his wall and the consequences of his self imposed reclusion.


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