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The human mind automatically responds to a wide variety of stimuli, which it is constantly bombarded with during every moment, day or night – asleep or awake.  Like many of the other autonomic reactions of the human body, the matter that composes the brain actually ‘changes’ as a result of the input that it receives.  Everybody has a brain, and yet most people fail to recognize exactly how much information is encoded within the cells that make up that wad of gelatin-like mass that lies nestled deep within the human cranium.  It even holds information passed down from generation to generation through DNA – from people who lived separate lives, in separate bodies, from times so far long gone by that they aren’t even remembered by modern man on a conscious level.  All is engrained in the mind of man – and the Eyeonasphere gives us direct access to the storeroom that holds the information by showing us the part of the human mind that we call the ‘subconscious’.


The Eyeonasphere makes it possible to develop and create real art - unconsciously, involving no manual labor, skill, or man-made technique whatsoever.



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