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...  and then a new alertness is experienced throughout the entire body.  slowly what was an opponent, the reluctant body and mind become partners as a new harmony is achieved.

the outer opponent develops into the inner opponent, and the inner opponent becomes a representation of one of the opposites.  between the oppositeswe establish dialogue.  

this harmonic interaction gives birth to physical movement (reality).

these ideas are enacted in a physical form that gives them a reality that can't be described, which makes it virtually impossible to be understood or grasped.


-  the conflict of opposites can never be resolved.

but they CAN be brought into balanced interaction.


this cannot be done until we withdraw the projection of our negative sides from the outside world and the people in it.  as long as we thing it is all 'out there' there's not much chance of anything but actual conflict.  

when these projections are withdrawn we are set face to face with the realization that the things we previously lashed out at in the world around us, are very much alive and within ourSELVES.



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