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i've been reading a book called 'the hidden side of things'. it's cool. it was first published in 1913. it's by the author CW LEADBEATER. it's opening my eyes to a lot of things... over the next few of my journal entries, i'll start out with a few paragraphs from this book to lead into my ramblings...

something is happening...

the eyeonasphere is going to change the world.

check it:

---excerts from THE HIDDEN SIDE OF THINGS (written by CW LEADBEATER - The Theosophical Publishing House, Adyar, 1913)


- a fish is a denizen of our world, just like man is; but it is obvious that his conception of that world must be exceedingly imperfect. Confined as he is to his one element, what can he know of the beauty of landscapes, the glory of sunsets, of the far-reaching interests of our varied and complex human life? He lives on a globe of which he knows almost nothing; yet no doubt he is perfectly satisfied, and thinks thaat what he knows is all there is to know. 

 It is not flattering to our self-conceit, yet it is an absolute fact, that the majority of mankind are precisely in the position of the fish. They are living in a world, only one small department of which is within our ken; yet they are quite content with that, and are usually blankly ignorant or fiercly incredulous as to the wider and grander life which surrounds them on every side...


- We are at the moment passing through a transition period, and instead of representing, as we often fondly imagine, the highest development yet seen on earth, we are in reality in the trough between two waves of progress. []

 But when [the] madness is over and reason begins to reassert itself, it is manifest that there will be before us a period of far more rapid progress, in which we shall be able to avail ourselves of many aids which are not now at our disposal. The mere fact that the use of the higher faculties is slowly spreading over humanity, will presently make an almost incalculable difference in many directions.

 Imagine a condition in which all deception or fraud will be impossible, in which misunderstandings can no longer occur, because each man can read the thought of the other - in which no one will ever again be set to do [ANYTHING THAT HE DOESN'T WANT TO DO].

 Think what a difference it will make in our lives when death no longer separates us from those whom we love.[]

 Art and music will be far grander then [].

 The problems of science will be solved, for the vast additions to human knowledge will blend all its branches into one perfect scheme. Geometry and mathematics will be far more satisfactory, because we shall then see what they really mean and what part they play in the splendid SYSTEM of the worlds.


- [] Every day more and more of our fellow-men are learning to understand, because one by one, scattered here and there, more and more are learning to see it. Since it is obvious that this is the line of evolution and that the few who see now are only the precursors of the many who will see hereafter, what in the light of these considerations may be predicted as the probable future of humanity?


- First and foremost we [must] learn the DUTY of happiness, the necessity of casting away from us depression and sorrow, even under circumstances which most readily produce it []. Yet, at the same time we [must] learn that life must be taken seriously, and must be lived not for selfish enjoyment but for the helping of our fellow-men. We must be on our guard against unsuspected influences, such, for example, as the prejudices connected with race, religion, or class, and the weight of public opinion, never allowing these to bias our judgment, but trying to always arrive at the TRUTH and to weigh the facts for ourselves; we must not yield ourselves unquestionably even to presumed spiritual inspiration, but in that case also must use common sense.

 We [must] learn the desirability of systematic work or training; the futility of taking offence, of becoming angry, or of allowing our serenity to be disturbed in any way whatever, and the necessity of maintaining a ceaseless watch over our thoughts as well as our words and actions, lest they should draw around us unpleasant influences and act as temptations to our neighbors. 


 - that was CW LEADBEATER-

- now, Nolan Void - 




it's enlightening us...

the eyeonasphere will change the relationship between mind and matter.

i mean, underneath the helmet we can manipulate our surroundings using our MIND. there has never been a technology like it before! you think it - and it IS. sure, it's an artificial environment - but still, it simulates reality. when your in the globe - you're in the globe, so what you think and feel actually DOES create your reality.

technological progress is blasting us forward...

the eyeonasphere could potentially help pave the way for the ADVANCEMENT OF MANKIND.

by seeing my thoughts within the helmet - i actually 'become' my subconscious. everything i see and feel within the hood is influenced by my MIND - in a whole new way. and by having this experience, i can SHARE it with others. i can expose my deepest feeling to the world...

new things are becoming...

it's a new concept. it is a new level of REALITY CREATION.

like leadbeater said above, we seem to be "living in a world, only one small department of which is within our ken; yet they are quite content with that, and are usually blankly ignorant or fiercly incredulous as to the wider and grander life which surrounds [us] on every side...".


we know how things are, and so that's the way they are. but there are other ways to 'know' - and we're finally figuring it out...


the abstract imagery generated by the eyeonasphere might represent a WHOLE NEW LEVEL OF ENLIGHTENMENT.


inside the helmet - we manifest our reality.


we could unite SOULS through the machine by sitting inside one-another's BROADCAST.


we can manipulate the SYSTEM that rules mankind...


we'll create leadbeater's UTOPIA...


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