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With all the advances we’re seeing in media-related technology, time and space are no longer the barriers that they once were.  We can be anywhere, practically at any time.  We (the human race) are truly ‘enlightened’ through the media.  It drives the evolution of our species - and the Eyeonasphere is our next step.  Technology is pushing us forward through the media, and we must use the latest advances in digital technology in order to perfect the world that we exist as a part of.  -First though, we must perfect the world of the ‘mind’…


Humans are lucky – like no other living creature that we know of, we possess the power to ‘think’.


By looking at our thoughts and dreams in FRONT of our eyes (instead of in the theater of the ‘mind’), we are getting a much better view of the non-stop activity of the ‘subconscious imagination’ of man.  We can see our inner-workings, in the form of broadcast subconscious thought-sequences, and through these broadcasts we are learning about the things that drive the ‘Universal Consciousness’ that rules over all of reality.  With practice, maybe one day we’ll understand what it’s going to take to prepare US to take the wheel!

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