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We don't really decide anything - what we think is not really our choice.  Nature just lets us 'think' we're in control, but really we're just doing what we're going to do.  

There is a harmony to it all - and we are a part of it.


Obviously, some developments have negative repercussions - but it all seems neccessary.

It seems like we're destroying our world.

It seems like there are too many of us.  Our environment seems to be polluted.  We seem to be sucking the life out of our Earth.


Our minds are creating a Universe that's full of pain and strife - and it's only getting worse because of the media.  It sometimes seems like the human race is slowly killing itself.  Tech pollution would appear to be leading us directly towards extinction.  


It's all an illusion.


I don't believe that Nature will wipe out mankind.  

Our reality is a process of GROWTH - not deterioration...  Our race is actually MATURING.

Even though people are dying, and even though we perceive the illusion of destruction - everything is in perfect harmony.  Everything that happens happens in ORDER.


Evolution works.


Negative circumstances are completely the process of realities DEVELOPMENT TOWARD SOMETHING 'BETTER'.

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