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the turtle is associated with winter, the time of withdrawal and rest.  with his ability to withdraw into his shell he is well equipped to symbolize the introversion of time.


the 'rational' man has taken over in a most irrational way.  he has powered a path through to his material goals leaving shambles and destruction in his path.  and while it is 'we' who have done this, it is also 'we' who are the victims because of the division we've created between reality and mind.


'the good life' we have created now re-creates us in a pattern which disregards our personal, individual tendencies and needs.  

with that powerful giant, advertising, we turn the sword against ourselves.  

daily, we're bombarded with a deluge of words.  the hard sell offers us substitutes for those parts of our being that have been cast aside in this program of one-sided development.



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