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When you look at the light coming from a projector, the image it casts can be focused on the surface its aimed at to create a 'projection'.

The projection sits on the surface, creating an image 'plain'.

If you were completely unfamiliar with the physics of light and the mechanics of projectors, and you were to walk up on a projector casting a projection, you would have absolutely no reason to believe that one had anything to do with the other.  - It would probably appear to you that there was a projector that was separate from the projection...




It might appear to you that the 2 things exist completely independent of one-another, unless for some reason the beam was interfered with.

Maybe the relationship between our thoughts and our realities work much the same way.  This is why it's so confusing...

We can't tell that they are interrelated because of our current understanding...



We have ways of interrupting the beam and exposing the connection of our thoughts and experiences - just like a person can create shadow puppets in the light to expose the connectivity between the projector and the projection.




Put dust or smoke in between the projector and the projection, and you can see the beam.  

-  The more dense the object is, the more pronounced the shadow is.


There are ways to expose the beam of consciousness, too.

Different perspectives, beliefs, and paradigms can shift your reality as it relates to what's being experienced by others.

Awareness is a great way to manipulate the world of the external from 'within'.


When we know that the projector is doing what it's doing to create the projection - it isn't hard to understand the physics of what's going on in front of your eyes.

-  The same thing goes for consciousness.

By understanding the true Nature of reality, inner and outer can become one - but not until.  

Different understandings will get different results.


I live in my own personal reality - the one that I create.


Maybe the 'smoke' that exposes the beam of consciousness happens when people are under the influence of certain drugs, and certain alternative paradigms.


Under the influence of certain substances, human beings can see things like they have never seen them before - then, they may have experiences influenced by these eye-opening perceptions...

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