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mercury, as the winged god, is a uniting element - often hermaphroditic.

this metal, with its illusive and unpredictable qualities make it an ideal symbol of the spirit.


retreat to ride the tiger.


psychologically this is the most dangerous time.

the idea expressed here is that we join together with the tiger, the instinctual part of our nature, and even have the nerve to ride it.

that is, we allow the primative forces to express themselves, to have a life, even perhaps to dominate the rest of personality as it carries the rider on its back.


retreat your ego, and arrogance, and its dominance.


when we join with the tiger, or instinctual man, we begin to understand it.  in order to conquer a force you must submit to it.  


it is by becoming a part of a thing the we may understand its true nature.

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