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...and the thing about it is, people just aren't ready, yet.  

At this point, only the Gods should know these things...


3150, 342 Years.  Searching for the passage...


The wreck was the mountain, and Nolan Void was at the top, above the clouds...


He cried and his tears poured down like rain.


But then in an instant, he dreamt he was a phoenix in flight.  

He's an eagle, high above it all.  

He's a peacock above the alchemists vessel.  

He's a dove.


He was flying.


In this dream, was pink.


snake creeps down








needle at the bottom of the sea

carry the tiger to the mountain

slanting.  flying.

This is the time when the blue dragon from the court of fire descends to meet the white tiger from the abyss of water.  The polarities are now unified.  The golden flower will soon bloom.

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