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Many visions, even though quite elaborate and detailed and intensely realistic to the seer, prove on examination to be competely self created.  I mean that a man first thinks out a subject himself along certain lines, thereby creating a series of thought-forms; and then he proceeds to pass out of his body in sleep or trance, sees his own thought-forms without recognizing them as his, and suposes them to be actualities instead of imperfect reflections.  Thus he is strongly confirmed in his particular belief or superstition, whatever it happens to be, because he himself has seen it in a vision which he is sure to regaed as celestial.  Such a man is of course perfectly honest in his conviction, and even perfectly right in saying that he has seen certain things; the weak point is that he has not the training which would enable him to distinguish the nature of what he has seen.


Is there anybody out there?


Dorothy's home is transformed into the most important place in the world because now she looks at it with new eyes; eyes that see through, beyond, and in between - eyes that see things the way they really are.

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