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Insects and the Powers of the Mind


Oh, the powers of the mind...

We are an amazing species.


Compare the motor functions of man to those of the insect kingdom.  

Do insects have a mind?


What about cells - can a cell recognize spatial relationships?


Maybe the mind doesn't exclusively give us control over these abilities...


What is instict - what is consciousness?

What about language?  Though bees communicate - do they have 'language'?

They build too, do they have mathematics?


It's hard to tell...


From the human realm, it would appear that only the mind of man posseses these qualities.


We also posess a power to percieve and consider that seems to make us special compared to the other living creatures around us.  Do insects make art?  Do they have their own philosophies?  


Do they have the power to consider a concept as complex as 'synchronicity'?


Our self-consciousness sets us apart.


Insects don't have our understanding - but look at the patterns in a spider web, the shapes in a beehive, and the order of an ant trail...


What is their training?  What's their technical skill?

Does a butterfly 'understand' why it builds a coccoon?


I think we humans sometimes do things just because it's in our 'nature' just like the bugs and animals do.  If this describes a realistic 'process' in reality, then there's no such thing as error.  If we are a part of this world, a world that is operating under principles determined by an unseen guidance system (nature) then there are forces that go on completely overlooked, which are essential to our well-being.


Though we receive guidance signals from the external world around us - most of the messages we're receiving can't even be perceived by the senses we're aware of...

Much of reality is invisible to us.

Yet, there's a harmony prevalent to everything that is - and the harmony can sometimes be seen (as synchronicity).


Reality manifestation goes far beyond the concept of individual 'control' over circumstances and experiences...

I'm thinking of a real, molecular interaction that we don't (can't) understand, much less monitor and discuss.


We depend on our instincs, just like the birds and bees...


It's all just shadows and reflections - it's not what we 'think' it is...


We are opening our eyes to concepts that have been invisible to us since the beginning of time.  

We can see new things.

We'll gain a new understanding.


And as we we understand new things, new things will become.

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