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The Universe learns from us, just as much as we learn from it.  

Reality is the code.

Traits of certain societies affirm this in that you can plainly see that advance cultures seem to live a more happy, comfortable lifestyles while societies that stick to their old ways (old codes) seem to experience less of these creature comforts.


Some won't agree, but it seems that the comfort technologies like air-conditioning, water purification, lighting, and telecommunication are developments that actually do 'improve' our quality of life.

Wandering in the desert is good, but as far as 'convenience' and standard of living goes - modern life is much better.


This seems to be evidence that our evolution is 'enlightenment' - in a certain way.

At the very least, it's progress....


Yet, this growth of culture through technology continues - forever exposing us to concepts and ideas that we have never even had before.  

With developments in transportation and communication technologies - we've been brought closer to one-another, physically as well as MENTALLY.

Access to information is breaking down barriers - enligtening us to all new ways of 'being'...


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