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It is always a sacrifice to leave the light - which is the realm of consciousness - the area we are familiar with and feel safe.  But it is only by exploring the dark unknown that redemption is possible.


Nolan sought after the knowledge of the mystic and the sage - through the use of technology.


He'd use his Eyeonasphere with the drugs to defeat suffering.  His own, and that of all people.  


He dreamed that he'd grab the bird's tail - and ride it to the needle at the bottom of the sea.


He'll stir up the dust and create swarms of flying things.  He will transform.  He'll ride the clouds if he doesn't feel like teleporting.


Nolan can become invisible.


He can pass through metal and stone.


Nolan can't be burned and he can breath under water.  He makes it thunder, and causes the Earth to tremble.


If you saw someone doing these things, wouldn't you ask them how it's done?  If someone saw you living like this, wouldn't they wonder how?


First, Nolan must set his life in order and examine himself.  Everything that gives light depends on that from which it reflects.  Nolan Void must confront the 3-legged bird that lives on the sun.


This is sure to cause trouble...




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