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Nolan was changing reality with his mind.

His vision of immortality seemed within his reach...

He'd gained a new outlook on existence - and through this new outlook everything around him had changed.


Mankind was changing, and Nolan could see it happening - through the eye of the Eyeonasphere.


Nolan watched us - we create our Universe.

Reality is MIND.  

He saw the connections...

He perceived his thoughts and experiences as nobody had before, with his Eyeonasphere.


We broadcast.

We're broadcast.

Our thoughts and reality are the same, according to Nolan Void.


Coincidence is actually a mental construct.



Can Nolan Void 'will' things into existence?


We manifest conditions corresponding with our truest beliefs.

Nolan Void manifests the conditions neccessary to produce a reality he's looking for...

This is something he learned in his Eyeonasphere.

And now it's how it is...


We manifest conditions corresponding with our truest beliefs.


Nolan Void truly understood...


Things are - because we believe they are.

It's the belief that makes everything what it is.

This is something human beings have never understood...

Without this knowledge - we've manifest the world that is.

Now, things are changing...

Now, things will never be the same.


We have our problems - because we know that problems exist.

With the Eyeonasphere, Nolan sees beyond all that...

- And in the long run, we all will too.


Our BELIEFS are the difference...


What Nolan knows will change our beliefs...


Facts are all just generalizations.


We are what we believe.


Everybody believes something different, so in essence - reality is different for everybody.

But generally, we don't believe this.


Nolan does, though...  He truly does.










He thinks it's evolution.

This change is everything...


The Eyeonasphere showed Nolan a new way to be.  

- And now he wanted to show the world...


Thinking back, he remembered what things were like before he knew.


He remembered when reality was out of control.  When the world that was created was one without true belief.


He remembered the world that was...

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