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Gene Youngblood, Expanded Cinema - 

Pg. 95

The fundamental subject of synaesthetic cinema—forces and energies—cannot be photographed. It's not what we're seeing so much as the process and effect of seeing: that is, the phenomenon of experience itself, which exists only in the viewer. Synaesthetic cinema abandons traditional narrative because events in reality do not move in linear fashion. It abandons common notions of "style" because there is no style in nature. It is concerned less with facts than with metaphysics, and there is no fact that is not also metaphysical. One cannot photograph metaphysical forces. One cannot even "represent" them. One can, however, actually evoke them in the inarticulate conscious of the viewer.


Pg. 108

The very nature of art is the rearrangement of the environment for greater advantage to humanity. Yet this prestylization will not be so clearly separated from "reality" as it has been. Because of technology, we have now reached the point at which it is possible to manipulate reality itself in order to create new legends. It may be that insights most relevant to contemporary society will be achieved primarily through this language.

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